Gigapan Technology, Montage and the Internet Lancaster University, UK

This PHD research seeks to reframe images made from 2010-2018 in the form of a short story sequence. The project will investigate short fiction as a way to investigate contemporary art, in a wider social and political sphere, as something that delves back into history and explores these notions in new ways. The project will also consider digital practice, and how digital networks inform and change memory and history, and how this is reflected is both contemporary art and literature.

Conference Papers

KEYNOTE TOPIC: Bracing for the storm: Online Vs Face to Face (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, Seoul, South Korea, 19th-20th May 2020.

Art at the Oasis: Art, Culture and Education in Muscat, Oman Arts in Society Conference, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal, 20th June 2019

This paper explores aspects of Art and Culture in Oman, which relate to the experiences of a Freelance Artist and Head of Fine Art at the principle Art and Design College in Muscat, The Scientific College of Design (SCD). It looks at examples of cultural sites/places, new art in the region and the art scene in Muscat. It also investigates the development of Teaching and Creatice Art Practice in this region.

Recent Journal Publications

Traquil Waves of Teaching, Learning and Management People: Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 6 No. 1, May, 2020

This paper explores aspects of: Teaching, Learning and Management at one of the leading Sino-Foreign Universities, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, which relate to an Art and Design Tutor, and Academic Lead for History and Social Sciences within The Centre for English Language Education Department, from 2014-19. It focuses on: Design and planning of learning activities, teaching support of learners, assessment and feedback, the development of effective learning environments (and approaches to student support and guidance) and continuing professional development relating to research and scholarship. It will also look at two case studies pertaining to leadership and coaching.

Gigapan Technology and Montage: A Case Study of 5 New Works by James Johnson-Perkins International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, Vol. 3 No. 4, April, 2016

Investigating the use of Gigapan Technology and Photomontage Techniques (GIGATAGE). Gigapan Technology enables a robotic machine to connect a camera to take hundreds of high quality images, which can be stitched together using computer software to create enormous panoramic photographs. These images form the bases of enormous digital montages.